Sri Lanka Tour Plans

Honeymoon Tour in Sri Lanka

This tour plan is specially designed for the newly married couples who wish to spend their Honeymoon in Sri Lanka

Beach Tour in Sri Lanka

This Tour Plan offers you a beach tour experience in Sri Lanka. We guarantee that these beaches make an ideal holiday location beside the Indian Ocean.

Cultural Tour in Sri Lanka

We designed this Tour Plan mainly focusing the Cultural Tringle in Sri Lanka. Nevertheless, We added several scene tic places too.

Nature Tour in Sri Lanka

The pearl of the Indian Ocean is one true hotspot for the nature lovers. Our Nature Tour packages have all the natural places that a true nature lover could possibly visit in Sri Lanka.

Archaeological Tour in Sri Lanka

Ceylon Tour Agent has come up with an interesting itinerary that takes you to most of the Archaeological sites in Sri Lanka along with true nature beauty.

Nature Trails in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a spectacular island with a number of awesome nature trail destinations that are worth to be visited. So we carefully crafted our Nature Trails Tour could possibly cover major trail destination in the paradise island.

Customize your Sri Lanka Tour with us

“Ceylon Tour Agent” team of friendly consultants work tirelessly to create exciting Sri Lanka tailor-made holidays for guests who want to tour this beautiful island.

So, What are you waiting for.....

Just click below link and customize your Tour with us!

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